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Get Out Quick | The Ghosts of Soloaga Basque Boarding House | Shoshone Idaho | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | IdaHaunts | BoiCGH

Built between 1904 and 1907 by the Soloaga family, this white stucco style 23 room former Basque boarding house located in Shoshone Idaho is reportedly haunted by the many restless spirits, too many to count.

Some are said to be the spirits of Catholic nuns and others are spirits of working ranchers and sheep herders.

Elmore County Press released an article stating 'this building comprises private quarters and staff keepers rooms to the first floor, kitchen to the back with further second floor dormitories.

The home is allegedly haunted by nuns who were unhappy with how the home was run when it operated as a hotel as it serviced "ALL THE NEEDS OF BASQUE SHEEP HERDER MEN".

Basque sheepherders would come from the rugged Pyranees mountains to seek work many headed straight to California but a majority stopped right here in Idaho.

So as you can imagine, due to mistreatment of some of the nuns, there are many unsettled spirits still here residually today.

One guest was in the shower and heard an angry female spirit bang on the door and shout "Get out!" The guest quickly got out of the shower and was shocked to see a tall white ghostly apparition angrily watching her.

Could these spirits be territorially protective of what once was their home?

Times News interviewed past staff who described their paranormal experiences by claiming


People have reported feeling a rapid temperature drop, others claim feeling watched and some have even seen the apparition of the basque rancher describing him as "mid 40s, standing in the corner of room 10 just vacantly watching".

It is also said that the protective spirit of a tall angry wretched Basque rancher lingers around the building. There have been reports of a tall slim lady wearing a ruffled sleeved blouse appearing to guests.

* Investigating this property is prohibited. However you can view the building from outside and look at booking one of the local historical walking tours offered in the Shoshone area.

*All properties require prior authorization and permission to investigate.  Boise City Ghost Hunters DOES NOT investigate cemeteries.*

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