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The Hanging Trees | Pierce, Idaho | Paranormal | BoiCGH | IdaHaunts

On September 10th, 1885, the local folk of small town Pierce, Idaho, were horrified to discover the deceased body of local Chinese storeowner Mr Fraser in the surrounding forest.

Early Chinese immigrants to North America suffered much racism and oppression back in those days. Below is a picture of some Immigration forms of that era.

Official newspapers reported that he had been hung, shot and mutilated. Some thought it was a racial crime whilst others suspected rival business man Lee Kee Nam as his killer as the two men were often at loggerheads. Some claim a larger vigilante group was involved.

As the suspects were driven passed the murder site to be tried by a court official, they were set upon by an armed gang. Makeshift gallows were erected and the suspects were hung. 

So now these forests had become the site of multiple murders. No one was ever charged.

Many visitors to the forests have claimed to hearing loud cries and some even claim witnessing full body apparitions of the hanging victims swaying from the trees!

There have been hikers and campers who camped out here and say they suffered terrifying nightmares and severe episodes of sleep paralysis!

Could this be linked to the negative energy trapped within? 

Why not take a trip out and see for yourself?

The eery forests are now known as THE CHINESE HANGING SITE, Idaho Historical Site #307.

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