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The Harkness Hotel | Idaho | Paranormal | Historical | Idahaunts | BoiCGH

The Harkness Hotel in the small South-Eastern town of McCammon, Idaho, is an old converted bank building originally erected in 1906 and was previously known as 'The Big Store'.  The property still houses its original steel bank vault room!

After immense rennovation the hotel proudly opened its doors in 2014 and is today thriving as a luxuriously spacious boutique style spa hotel offering top notch amenties such as lightening fast WIFI, and adequate parking.

The venue was recently awarded the 'Most Inspired Designs' architectural award! and described as 'One of North Americas Most Notable Boutique Hotels'. So in a nutshell Idaho made the red carpet event in world hotel recognition awards!

However what we are truly interested in is its supernatural activity!

One couple who stayed at the hotel claim they were woken in the night by a womans distant voice followed by the pungeant fragrance of roses as if someone wearing perfume had entered the room!

Locals say it is believed a lady killed herself years ago at a nearby creek and some say her spirit actually enters the hotel at night and we cant help but wonder if she favoured floral perfume? 

People seem to enjoy the eclectic mix of traditional character mingled with modern decor.

Why not book a stay and see if you encounter anything 'out of this world!'

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM

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