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Supernatural Portal at Barmouth Fishing Town | Gwynedd | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | North Wales | BoiCGH

'Aber' meaning 'estuary'. 

Nestled amongst the Cader Idris mountain range is the quaint fishing town of Barmouth complete with its own railway system. Barmouth Harbour in Wales, in my opinion, is probably the most beautiful harbour in Wales. These waters hold much mystery and are the subject of many a fireside tale.

It is believed that water may attract spirits and or paranormal activity. So its no surprise that when i recently enjoyed my annual holiday in the ancient fishing town of Barmouth on the River Mawddach off the Aber Estuary, and spoke to some good local folk about any spooky goings on along the shores, lets just say the tales were aplenty.

Folklore says that sailors fought off a giant sea serpent which attacked their boats here snapping the masts! Many have witnessed unexplained light anomalies dancing upon the harbours waters believed to be the Barmouth water fairies.

There have been many reports of a tall dark shadow figure which sprints fast along the railway tracks as if chasing trains.

One lady told me she had lived in Barmouth all her life and her cottage is haunted by the spirit of a feisty old man who likes to grope her a little too snuggly on cold nights. She laughed as she explained initially she was terrified but now she gently chides him and the activity ceases.

An elderly gentleman explained how his grand daughter would tell him she plays with a little girl at the church yard on sundays who says she is from the olden days but likes to play.

And lastly a woman explained how one night she sat on the promenade telling her family all about her late father when he literally appeared with them sat on the same wooden bench. She claimed he was smiling and calm and then swiftly disappeared.

Some actually believe Barmouth to be a portal ever since in 1922 Flying Officer Brian Holding was incoming from Chester and attempted to land on the Welsh airstrip. Officer Holding was never seen again and it is said that strange lights were witnessed in the skies during the weeks before his endeavour. Since then there have been numerous unexplained happenings around the area. Many believe the waters conceal a supernatural portal which allows spirits access to our realm. 

Barmouth is one of the most scenically stunning locations i have ever encountered and certainly worth a visit. 

Photographs are my very own holiday snaps! 

Barmouth Hotels, guesthouses and Bed and Breakfast - Welcome to Llwyndu  Farmhouse in Snowdonia

Barmouth tourist information

Barmouth tourist information

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