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Negative Energies at The Haunted Museum | Nottingham England | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | United Kingdom | BoiCGH

The Haunted Museum, located in Mapperley village in Nottingham, is listed as on of Britains most haunted locations!

The museum has been described as 'morbid' and 'not for the faint hearted'.

The building was originally a luxurious nostalgic cinema which was later converted to a museum. Popular with paranormal and horror enthusiasts, the rooms are filled with dark and creepy artefacts which many believe hold spirit energies from the towns historical, and sometimes sinister, past.

One such artefact is a reportedly haunted refrigerator which was originally housed at the famous Denbigh Insane Asylums morgue. 

The refrigerator dates back to 1844! Also at the museum is an artefact called 'the Devils Guitar' an Iraqi guitar which was believed to summon demons and all who touch it become ill! Also 'Thomas' a doll made from old bandages which were used to wrap the dead!

Paranormal investigators state experiencing equipment failure, believed to be spirits who are known to drain battery power in order to manifest themselves.

Paranormal phenomena often encountered at the museum includes sighting dark shadow figures, hearing muffled and unexplained voices and being touched by unseen forces. Staff believe the reason so many visitors feel uneasy is due to the energies held within the museums historical artefacts. 

It has been suggested by 'psychometrists' (those who have the ability to feel energy in objects) that an artefact may in fact retain spirit energy from past individuals and surroundings, like a spiritual impression or attachment upon that object.

We know that all objects are made up of atoms. Atoms hold energy, some thermal energy and an amount of PE (potential energy). What would be questionable is if an object then displayed KE (kinetic energy) causing the object to physically move.

This is where some debate comes in as to what would initiate that movement. Some say just the energy itself may have triggered movement, whilst others believe that supernatural elements are involved.

What do you think? Have you ever felt that an object in your home may be haunted or holding some sort of negative energy? 

Would you be brave enough to visit the museum and view these artefacts?

Ghost hunts, tours and even night vigils can be booked via their main website.

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