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The Haunted Museum | England | historical | paranormal | boiCGH

The Haunted Museum in the village of Mapperley, in Nottingham, is listed as on of the UKs most haunted locations!

The location has been dubbed 'morbid' and 'not for the faint hearted'.

The building was originally a luxurious nostalgic cinema which was later converted to a museum. The place is a constant hit with paranormal and horror fans. Rooms are filled with dark displays and eery artefacts which are actually historically linked to the local town.

One such artefact is the haunted refrigerator which was originally in the morgue of Denbighs Insane Asylum in Wales (another top rated and extremely sinister UK attraction which we are reporting on soon!).

The refrigerator dates back to 1844! Also an artefact called 'the Devils Guitar' an Iraqi guitar which was believed to summon demons and all who touch it become ill! Also 'Thomas' a doll made from old bandages which were used to wrap the dead!

Some paranormal teams claim that all fully charged investigating equipment loses power upon entering this location!

Ghost hunts, tours and even night vigils can be booked via their main website.

The perfect Halloween night? What are you waiting for?

Photographs sourced at PINTEREST.COM


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