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The Inferno Spirits | Children Haunt Emmett Middle School | Emmett, Idaho | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | IdaHaunts | America | BoiCGH

Old school buildings are often linked with hauntings, and Idaho has many.

But did you know that Emmett Middle School, Idaho, is reportedly haunted by the spirits of children who died during a fire, and a past music teacher?

The full body apparition of this music teacher has been sighted many times. Some students attested that their claims went ignored, that was until the teachers themselves also witnessed the unsettling phenomena.

One group of students described how they feel especially uncomfortable in the bathroom area stating 'we hear all kinds of weird unexplained noises and it's like someone else is there with you, like you're never alone'.

Also a caretaker believes the boiler room to be actively haunted stating 'i have seen something moving down there on more than one occasion. I don't know what it is, but it's there'.

I must confess i shivered upon discovering that there was once a fire in the boiler room. One of the boilers violently exploded causing a massive fire in the gym and many children died, tragically trapped inside. Some have heard their desperate cries and banging sounds emanating there today.

Could the caretaker have witnessed the spirits of the inferno children? Let's hope those distressing cries are of a residual nature, mere echoes of the past and that those children are now in the light.

The music teacher is known to linger around the drama hall and many flee upon hearing her footsteps approaching them on the stage.

One student who had stayed behind late says she saw lockers being visibly kicked and shaken by an invisible force as she was leaving the building, needless to say she ran the rest of the corridor! Others said lockers have physically flown open in their faces and now approach them with hesitance. 

This sort of activity would fall under the 'poltergeist' spectrum and must be given high levels of caution.

One group talked about the dark menacing shadow figures which actually followed them speedily on the stairs and students refer to these as the 'stair spirits'.

There have been tales of entities which look down from windows when the school is locked for holiday. During 1998 a drama student went backstage to select his dress rehearsal costume and said he looked in horror as the clothes were physically 'moving about' off the rails as if people were inside them, they suddenly dropped to the floor as he entered, as if aware of his presence.

When I was young our school had a 'haunted tunnel'. We were terrified of going through it! Do you yourself have a 'haunted school' story?

If so i would love to hear from you.

Please message me or drop a comment below.

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