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The Magruder Murders | The Magruder Corridor | Idaho | Historical | Paranormal | BoiCGH | IdaHaunts

The Magruder Corridor, also known as The Wild Road, is a breathtaking extensive nature trail set amidst the rich mountains of Northern Idaho.

However, sadly, the location is also known for sinister events and was subject to much media coverage in 1863 when a hiker, along with his accompanying group, were all murdered here. The hiker was Lloyd Magruder and the trail is named in remembrance of him.

On March 4th 1864 James Romaine, Chris Lowery and Dan Howard were hanged for the murder of Lloyd Magruder and four of his colleagues. It is believed the murderers preyed upon the group and the scene was brutal involving an axe.

Many report that the trail has very eery feel and we cant help but wonder if some negative energy still resides here.

Have you ever visited The Magruder Corridor? Would you consider it as a Halloween venture?! We dare you! Share your thoughts in the comment section!

The Corridor covers a wide area including small towns, crossing rivers and meadows, truly a unique rural experience if you can comfortably withstand the knowledge of past events.

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