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The Murder House | Boise, Idaho | Haunted | Paranormal | History | IdaHaunts

Sometimes the stuff of nightmares becomes reality, and thats exactly what took place here in Idaho just over 30 years ago! At first glance i noted an immediate and terrifying similarity to the infamous Amityville house!

Lets go back!

June 30th, 1987

A neighbour is alarmed to hear an urgent and frantic banging on their front door and runs to see what the commotion is. A man is pleading for help, his name was Preston Murr, he was just 21 years old. The neighbour immediately turns to go and call the police, on his return he see the man with two other men brawling and scurrying back across the road.

There are crimson handprints everywhere, a trail of blood leading from across the street


Sadly the neighbour was unaware that the two accompanying men were not helping Preston but the three men actually were friends, yet Preston Murr had just been shot by these two so called friends who would then proceed kill and dismember his body that very hour!

A friend of mine actually spent some time lodging here at this very house, as a mid 80s student, and kindly shared a little about his experience there. He states that he lived there in 1990 and his first impression of the house was how 'creepy and weird' it felt. He describes it "it kinda had a gloomy personality all of its own".

He states that (his words)

"the downstairs area was huge, with two good sized parlours which were divided by a large sweeping staircase leading to the bedrooms up on the next level. There was no electricity at that time except a red bathroom heat lamp.

I was also working at the time and would come home about 7am when i would try and get a little sleep before class a few hours later. So as my room mates had already left for class the house was completely empty, i was alone in the house.

Someone began to knock on a door a couple down from mine so i yelled out that everyone had already left for school. There was no response. Then MY own door began knocking, i entertained the thought that maybe it was just my room mates boyfriend come to play a trick on me or something? So i jumped out of bed and speedily opened the door, NOBODY there. I walked through every single room in that house it was completely empty! 

I returned that evening and my room mates and the owner were upstairs drinking beer and chatting. I asked who was the jester playing all the tricks on me this morning - i was met with blank and confused stares.

Then one of them said 'MAYBE YOU NEED TO TELL HIM WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN THIS HOUSE'. So they told me all about the murder that had taken place just a few years prior. Then each room mate went on to explain how they too were all experiencing the same knocking sounds and eery feelings too. They had even claimed they have seen a dark figure standing in one of the windows from the outside front view".

Two men were imprisoned for the said murder, one served 6 years for being an accomplice whilst the other is still serving a life sentence at Idaho Correctional Facility.

Knocking doors, shadow people, a feeling of being watched. We cant help but wonder if the spirit of tragic Preston Murr still inhabits this very sad and tragic home.

There are some things that even time wont heal.

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