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The Night Watcher Apparition At Willamette University | Salem Oregon | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | BoiCGH

Salem, Oregon, is built upon the historical lands of the confederated Grand Ronde and Siletz Tribes, originally known as the Kalapuya.

Willamette University is the oldest educational establishment in Western America.

This private University and was first founded in 1842 by missionary Jason Leigh and opened its doors catering to just five students in 1844. Today there are over 2000 students here.

In 1866 the school housed the first school of medicine in the pacific north west and proudly participated in the V12 Navy College Training Programme which offered scholars a path to military navy training.

So what about the ghosts?

On the west campus many report encountering otherworldy phenomena including strange sounds in the middle of the night believed to be a poltergeist, loud bangs and knocking sounds. Many students claim they struggle to sleep throughout the nightly commotion.

In one of the dormitories a young girl reportedly died and her misty apparition is frequently hovering at the foot of student beds, she is known as The Night Watcher.

And there she stands, in the darkness, just watching the living throughout the night hours.

Another entity who lingers here is that of a little girl who manifests in the attic area, accompanied by loud audible dragging sounds.

A thief, who once tried to steal artefacts from the building, fell to his death from the upper levels when chased by police.  It is alleged that his spirit still moves objects around the campus today.

Maybe he’s not quitting his theft so easily after all.

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