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You Shouldnt Be Here | The Others at Bannock Courthouse | Pocatello, Idaho | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | IdaHaunts | America | BoiCGH

Did you know that Bannock County Courthouse right here in Pocatello, Idaho, is reportedly haunted?

The name Bannock was administered in honour of the areas first inhabitants who were Bannock Indians whose territories included the Fort Hall Reservation of Shoshone.

The Honourable Judge Joe Miller had an office located on the top floor of the building. Hector was the courthouse Security Guard and the two became good friends.

One night when the Judge was finishing doing some overtime, Hector seemed preoccupied and a little fearful. He confided in the Judge that there were 'other' people there sometimes. Bewildered, the Judge questioned "you mean like ghosts? Are you afraid Hector?".

He went on to explain how he sees alot of strange and unexplained things. Hector states he hears loud audible laughing and parties as if in full flow when nobody is there.  When Hector rushes to check the room the noises instantly diminish to a hush.

He recalls how one day his schedule board had been ripped from his office wall which would have required substantial force! When he quickly went to check the security cameras to catch the culprit the frames revealed an invisible force had thrown the chart from the wall.

Desks are often moved around and have even been pushed behind doors to prevent people entering!

There have been staff members who have literally quit their jobs! One ran from the building, screaming that they saw an apparition walking towards them in the hallway. 

The icing on Hectors cake, so to speak, was when he claims he visibly witnessed his door security pad buttons being physically pressed by unseen hands.

Some time later, the Judge himself claims he witnessed something paranormal. He saw woman standing in the corner of a room as if hiding in the shadows. He called out "who are you? You shouldn't be in here!"

He began to chase her and she ran onto one of the corridors. The Judge claims he saw her physically vanish before his very eyes!

It seems this building is already inhabited by the 'other' people who have no intentions of leaving any time soon.

Could this phenomena be classed as a location attachment residual haunting?

Next time you drive by the Courthouse, look twice! You might just catch a glimpse of the paranormal.

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