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The Slaughter Surgeon of Edinburgh Vaults, Scotland

Located within Scotlands historical town of Edinburgh, and only recently discovered early 1980, are the hidden eighteenth century vaults. The vaults have a rich and fascinating history including murder and torture. Many believe the vaults to be haunted to this day by the multitude of citizens who suffered much within these walls.

It comes as no surprise that paranormal teams have described the vaults as 'the most intense paranormal experience you will ever have'.

Originally the location was used to house workers and tradesmen but due to regular flooding the vaults were were abandoned and left open to the lower class town folk.

Local tourist guide Ewan Armstrong states that he was a skeptic when he first began working at the vaults, but that would rapidly change as he was subjected to experiencing full body apparitions, shadow people and strange voices!

During the early 18th century there was much crime and punishment here normally saved for the murderers, thieves, prostitutes and pimps who actually lived their lives down in the murky dark vaults.

Visitors have reported many times to seeing the ghost of a young woman with long dark hair and blood smeared across her face. People believe it is the spirit of a young girl who ventured down into the vaults and was attacked by a large group of violent men, taking her innocent life. 

Another is the ghost of a small boy who has actually been seen by groups of visitors at one time! The boy says 'they hurt her' and points to concrete steps where her fractured skull was found.

Many visitors have had stones violently thrown at them and felt breathing on their necks! Some report seeing a tall dark shadow man who many believe to be 'the surgeon' a prolific Scottish bodysnatcher, who preyed on the less fortunate community who sought living quarters down in the vaults. The surgeon was known to creep up behind people and smother their faces with a pillow, dragging their bodies to his secret quarters where he would use their bodies for surgical dissection and horrific procedures.

An amazing place with much to see and learn. Spirits? Energies? Why not come and see for yourself and book a guided tour!

Photographs sourced at PINTEREST.COM

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