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The Spirit of the Purple Lady at Haunted Rio Grande Depot | Salt Lake City | Utah | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America

The Rio Grande train depot in Salt Lake City opened in 1910 and is believed to be actively haunted today.

This depot was known as 'Sweethearts Depot' as it was a place where thousands of World War 1 (and 2) soldiers and lovers said their farewells and later would embrace upon returning home. 1979 saw the final run of the Rio Grande 'Zephyr' train.

It is said that one evening a lady was arguing with her fiance and in a fit of rage she threw down her engagement. The ring landed between the train tracks. Moments later the lady ran out in attempts to retrieve her ring. Tragically she was hit and instantly killed by an oncoming train.

Staff at the Rio Grande Cafe have reported witnessing the apparition of a beautifully dressed spirit lady wondering around the ladies bathroom area. Staff believe this to be the lady who died here and affectionately nicknamed her 'the purple lady' as she glides by sporting an elegant wide brimmed deep purple hat with matching frock.

A security guard at the depot stated that he has felt an invisible force leaning against him in the elevators and frequently encounters a female apparition down on the Mezzanine floor and hears unexplained footsteps. At one point he felt as if this spirit was affectionately playing hide and seek with him!

However, most people who witnesses this phenomena note that the purple lady seems to look extremely sad.

Is this spirit regretfully mourning that awful day where she perished on the tracks here? Maybe she wishes she could turn back the hands of time and resolve her lovers tiff?

What do you think?

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