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The Vault Cigar Lounge | Dream Big Work Hard | Historical Preservation | Meridian, Idaho | Community | Historical | BoiCGH

Josh & Lori Evarts, are the owners of The Vault cigar lounge and the Heritage building in the City of Meridian, Idaho.

These buildings are notable community landmarks with fantastic historical significance.

Josh Evarts is a Historic Preservation Commissioner for the City of Meridian and, together with his wife Lori Evarts, they have set about honourably restoring some great locations. The dynamic duo are passionate about bringing past and present together in order to maintain Meridians treasured historical sites.

The Heritage Building

The Heritage Building is a magnificent, three storey, building located just a block away from the Vault building. During the 1920s prohibition the Government outlawed alcohol in the States, which of course initiated many avenues of secret and illegal alcohol sales.

This is a three storey building, with basement, which we suspect certainly saw its share of clandestine trading (underground alcohol trade).

During initial renovation work, the Evarts sent a camera through one of the walls which revealed original inbuilt tunnels. The old original brick work is still proudly displayed today.

How fascinating to note that these were the original tunnels were used to store and smuggle alcohol back in the day, right here in Meridian.

The Old Bank Building / The Vault Cigar Lounge

The Evarts named the old bank building The Vault accordingly, in keeping with the buildings original function as the Bank of Meridian in 1905. This was the very first building of its kind built on its block.

In 1912 the bank merged with the local post office building, providing communities with public services. In 1939 the bank moved south, one block, and the post office moved across the street opposite.

The building later ran as a Funeral Parlour and later transitioned to a working launderette.

Sadly, the building was headed for demolition by the City, being deemed as unsafe. Josh and Lori swiftly contacted the property owners enquiring if there were any possible purchasing options.

Their goal? To breathe new life into the property and ensure its historical preservation.

And that is exactly what they have done! The couple purchased the property in 2015, and being avid cigar connoisseurs decided to open the place as an exquisite cigar lounge.

However, this is not just a smoking lounge. This venue is a very special place and has been described as an exquisite experience. Highest quality cigars continually being restocked, a brand new cocktail station area with exciting new cocktails concocted by their expert mixologist.

This is a place where people from all walks of life can relax and enjoy the finer things that life has to offer. Finest cigars, coolest cocktails, sports tv, and highest quality merchandise. However, the greatest thing on offer here is the sense of community spirit.

The Evarts recently installed a brand new outdoor Courtyard patio area, which is just wonderful for those balmier days and starlit nights. Why not start you Passbook Journey today!

This is a place where the details matter, it just oozes class and character and one can rest assured that you are in the very capable hands of the Evarts which means first class service.

Have you visited The Vault Cigar Lounge in Meridian Idaho?

I plan to visit myself soon, and as I take my seat I will appreciate the remarkable journey, tireless effort, work and dedication that has gone into to what it is today.

Why not check The Vault out on Social media.

Instagram: @vault1905

Facebook: The Vault

Photographs property of Josh and Lori Evarts and

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