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Time Slip Phenomena At The Hoff Building | Boise, Idaho | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | IdaHaunts | America | BoiCGH

The wonderfully historical Hoff Building was first erected during 1930 by Oregon born architect Frank Hummel who specialised in art deco styles. Hummel also constructed Oregons Baker City Tower and Ashland Springs Hotel.

This iconic tower really commemorates the passing of an era. It shone like a diamond during the roaring 1920s and has a nostalgia all of its own.

The Hoff building was originally Hotel Boise and is located downtown Boise. The structure became known as Idahos skyscraper being one of Boises tallest architectural sites, second only to the State Capitol Dome building.

Many locals will remember when it was used as a dance hall.

This location is rumoured to be an ‘epicentre to the spirit world’ and many have encountered truly terrifying unexplained phenomena whilst visiting here.

There is a luxury octagonal shaped penthouse and eleven floors in total. The Crystal Ballroom, 5th and 11th floors are the most paranormally actively sections of the building said to be haunted by spirits from its past.

The art deco themed elevator, which would not look displaced in the movie The Shining, is rumoured to be a portal to the supernatural.

There are event spaces within the building today which are used for conferences, weddings and prom nights. Many who have visited here describe feeling instantly surrounded by an unknown presence, anxiety and sudden episodes of nausea.

Hundreds have experienced ‘time slip’ phenomena. They felt as though they were physically transported to an another era. Seeing the sights, feeling the energy. Completely bedazzled by the opulence of yesteryear.


Time slips are a paranormal event during which an individual describe inexplicably, and momentarily, travelling through time to another era.

Are time slips real?

The beauty of the paranormal is that it is ongoing research field. Ascertaining proof of the paranormal is an extremely difficult task. It could take a persons whole life time just to capture a handful of evidential phenomena. There will always be debate on what is classed as evidence of the paranormal. 

Here at Boise City Ghost Hunters, we would have to agree with a quote our founder shared in our QUOTE SECTION recently by William Lawrence Bragg...

"The important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts. As to discover new ways of thinking about them".

Is it a possibility?

Isn't everything?

Step inside at your own peril!

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