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Many of the historic downtown Idaho Falls establishments, near the old Hotel Idaho which was built in 1917, originally housed secret working brothels which functioned from the second floor upper storeys.

Access would be gained from side alleyways (pictured below) and concealed 'waiting rooms' where the male customers would wait in secrecy and often hide when spouses were looking for them. 

Apparently there is whole tunnel system which runs underneath Idaho Falls. Much of these tunnels have since been blocked off. But what were these tunnel systems used for?

Another point of interest is a mysterious historical structure which raises many enquiries. This is a castle turret which is believed to operate as a local water pump. Located next to a railway the structure features a small open window and appears to be a surviving historical castle turret.

Does the remainder of the castle structure continue underground?

Could the tunnel system be linked to the turret structure?

Can you add to our mysterious Idaho Falls history facts? Please feel free to share your comments below.

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