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Up In Smoke The Lady In Blue Haunts Luna House | Nez Perce Historical Society And Museum | Nez Perce Lewiston | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | IdaHaunts | America | BoiCGH

Lewiston, Idaho, was established during the Boise Basin gold discovery of 1862 and aided greatly in the navigation of steamboat traffic and lumber trading.

Luna House, which now operates as Nez Perce County Historical Society and Museum, is believed to be haunted by an entity known as The Lady in Blue.

This venue once operated as a secret bordello (brothel) and a one lady in particular continuously, and actively, tried to get the place shut down.

It is believed her spirit lingers residually at the museum today.

This entity has been seen to manifest as a blue mist or orb like light anomaly, and not just once or twice but quite regularly.

Many paranormal teams said their initial thoughts were that this was the spirit of one the prostitutes who worked here back in the day but since learned that the lady in blue was a God fearing woman just trying to do the respectable thing.

Have you visited the museum?

Did you encounter anything paranormal whilst here?

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