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Voices Beyond The Veil At Belhurst Castle Winery | Geneva New York | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | BoiCGH

Belhurst Castle and Winery in Geneva, New York, was constructed in 1888. However, this castle was originally home to a village of native settlers.

The property was sold numerous times and also used as a secret speakeasy during prohibition and also in more recent years as a venue for the Ontario Glass Manufacturing Company.

In 1824 the building was renamed Bellahurst (meaning beautiful forest).

In 2010 the castle opened its Isobella Spa, Restaurant and hotel. The spa was named after Isobella, an Italian opera singer who stayed at the hotel many years ago. It is alleged that Isobella was fleeing her jealous possessive husband. Sadly, her husband tracked her down, chased her through the underground tunnels here and took her life.

Isobella has been seen to fully manifest within the hotel and will smile briefly at guests checking in. If you walk besides the lake at night, she might surprise you there too.

Guests who are enjoying walking the surrounding forests describe hearing mysterious voices, whispering disembodied voices, like a conversation being held by spectres just beyond the veil, barely detectable by the living.

Front desk receive continual complaints of unexplainable footsteps and questionable floating light anomalies within guest rooms.

Also sighted here is a former caretaker, Dick O Brian vanishes into thin air. Friendly but will lash out if he sees anyone causing damage to property on the grounds. If Dick does not approve of you or your behaviour he will flick your room light switches on and off just to irritate you.

So be respectful.

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