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Welcome To Our Hogwarts Wizarding Corner | Do You Believe In Magic | Share Your Favorite Spells | Community | Fun | BoiCGH

Welcome to our brand new Hogwarts Wizarding Corner!

This is a cozy safe place where we can have some fun discussing all things wizards, witches, potions, spells and enchantments.

Do you believe in magic?

Because if you do, get cozy, grab a cup of cocoa and let’s take a look at some of the most fantastical Wizardry spells, and charms, featured in the world of Harry Potter.

Do you know your transformations from your incantations?

Could you pass a Wizardry test at Hogwarts?

Who knows, there may be a prize involved, but then again, I myself could be a wizard, or a witch, so maybe it’s all just an illusion.

1. LUMO (loo-mos)

Latin ‘lumen’ meaning ‘light’.

Illumination used by Albus Dumbledore to see in dark caves.

The Lumos is a variant of the wand lighting charm and is magically turns wands into light, perfect for those night time adventures.

2. APARECIUM (ah-par-ee-see-um)

Latin ‘apparere’ meaning ‘to appear’.

Revealer used by Hermoine Granger to reveal writing in a diary.

Reveals the secret messages concealed within invisible ink, also capable of reading hidden charms.

What would your secret message read?

3. LOCOMOTOR (loh-kuh-moh-tor)

Latin ‘locus’ meaning ‘place and ‘moto’ meaning ‘motion’.

Levitation used by Nymphadora Tonks to relocate Harrys trunk from his room.

Allows a wizard or witch to levitate their target upwards from ground level.

If you could levitate an object, what would you choose, and why?

4. LEGILIMENS (le-jil-ih-mens)

Latin ‘legere’ meaning ‘to read and ‘mens’ meaning ‘mind’.

Mind reading used on Harry Potter, by Severus Snape, allowing Harry insight as to where he had learned spells.

Whose mind would you read, if you could?


Mental clarity jinx used in the Puddlemere United/Holyhead Harpies Quidditch game.

Targets opponents cognitive capability and perception literally turning their brains to jelly.

I’m sure we all have our potential to target someone for the Jelly Brain Jinx.

6. QUIETUS (kwiy-uh-tus)

Latin ‘quietus’ meaning ‘calm’

Used by Ludo Bagman to quieten targets. The opposite of the ‘amplifyer/loudening’’ charm. 

I wonder if teachers would enjoy this one during class today.

7. INCENDIO (in-sen-dee-oh)

Latin ‘incendere’ meaning ‘set fire to’.

Fire conjuring used by Arthur Weasley when he ignited the Dearsley hearth fire.

8. IMPERIO (im-peer-ee-oh)

Latin ‘impero’ meaning ‘i command’.

The imperius curse places victims completely under the spell/curse casters control. Used throughout. Harry used this on a goblin whilst breaking into Gringotts Bank.


Transfiguration spell which turns desks into living pigs. Used by Professor McGonagall on a class of her first year students.

10. CANTIS (can-tis)

Latin ‘cantare’ meaning ‘sing’

Causes targets to uncontrollably break out into melodic song.

Used by Hogwarts professors to enchant the Suits of Armour.

Welcome to the Academy! We plan on having lots of fun!

We hope you enjoyed your first visit to the Wizardry Corner.

Stay tuned for our next article all about the Dark Arts!

Which spells are your favorites? 

Let me know in the comment section below.

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