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You Better Step Out Of The Way Because They Wont | Apparitions Approach The Living At Vergennes Opera House | Vergennes Vermont | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | BoiCGH

Vermont, The Green Mountain State, has become renowned amongst paranormal enthusiasts due to its many accounts of unexplained phenomena.

The Vergennes Opera House was built in 1897 and is located downtown Vergennes, just near the town square.

However, staff firmly believe this stage offers more than just theatrical performances.

Often encountered here are frightening shadow figures darting about the Back Stage section and audible ghostly footsteps heard running up and down stairs.

Thousands of individuals have worked, lived and died here throughout the years. 

The higher the volume of people who have passed through a location, the higher likelihood it has of being residually haunted.

The most unsettling phenomena are the full spectrum apparitions which visitors claim sighting on the central balcony section, which is CLOSED.

These entities will readily approach the living, their directional path undeterred. 

You better step out of the way because THEY won’t. Who knows, maybe these spirits are simply going about their day, some unaware of their passing.

Performances are often disturbed due to lights rapidly switching on and off, much to the amazement of the audience.

Management explain mysterious electrical malfunction and icy blasts of air in specific areas of the auditorium.

Anyone fancy catching a show?

*All properties require prior authorization and permission to investigate.  Boise City Ghost Hunters DOES NOT investigate cemeteries.*

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