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Coldcase Idaho Files (Part 2) | Idaho | Community | Historical | Factual | IdaHaunts | America | BoiCGH

Last year we composed a Part 1 on Coldcase Idaho Files (please find that article linked at the end of this post). Please find below Part 2.

Richard Ray Barnett - Grangeville

August 31st 1982. Two year old Richard Barnett, known as little Ricky, was last seen sitting on top of a hay wagon in front of a barn at his grandparents' dairy farm in Grangeville, Idaho.

Witnesses state that vehicles pulled up in front of the property to deliver some chickens. Despite exhaustive extensive searches, and a police blood hound tracing the boys scent to a nearby field fenceline, the boy was never seen again.

His grandparents later became suspects but polygraph tests proved inconclusive. It is said the boy was secretly placed in an underground adoption ring using on site farm workers.

Stephanie Lyn Crane - Challis

October 11th 1993. Stephanies mother dropped her off with money for refreshments at the Challis Bowling Alley in Idaho where she met friends to play bowling. Stephanie was last seen walking on Highway 93 towards Challis High School. This would be the last known sighting of Stephanie.

After 9pm had passed and their daughter had not returned home, Stephanies parents contacted authorities. 

A yellow pick up truck with red pin stripes running along its side was reported as being a suspicious vehicle seen in the area at the time of Stephanies disappearance. It was suggested the yellow truck belonged to Keith Glenn Hescock, aged 42, the very same individual suspected of abducting fourteen year old Amber Shawnell Hoopes from outside her home in Idaho Falls.

Hescock knew Ambers grandparents and was hunting/poaching in the Challis area. He abducted Amber and chained her to a bed in his home. Police discovered Amber and she was saved.

However, Hescock was said to have later returned to Challis in the same yellow pick up truck around the same time of Stephanies disappearance. She remains missing to this day.

When police officers attempted to arrest Hescock, he shot and injured an officer, shot and killed his canine, then turned the gun on himself ending his own life.

Wil Hendrick - Idaho

Wil Hendrick was a promising student at the University of Idaho who had featured in a few minor Hollywood movie roles. He lived with Gerry his partner. One night Wil attended a party where he later became drunk and went outside for some air. His car had been parked outside and witnesses report hearing a car driving away at high speed. 

The car was later discovered downtown however there was no sigh of Wil. Tragically. In 2002 near Moscow Idaho, two hunters discovered Wils skull and jawbone. It was later discovered there were rumours of a group of so called friends had talked about killing Wil for reasons unknown. Although many were questioned, the case remains an unsolved homicide. 

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