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How do spirits manifest?

Have you ever witnessed something that you would consider to be paranormal?

People claim to experience the paranormal every single day.

Are they truly witnessing supernatural phenomenon?

Can any of these claims ever truly be validated or proven with any degree of certainty?

These are all topics i would love to discuss in more depth.

I personally have experienced unexplained phenomena, and i know credible people who claim to having some sort of mysterious circumstance happen to them.

We would never ever discount any one persons story, but tirelessly endeavour to capture credible scientific based evidence once all natural avenues of enquiry have been exhausted.

Firstly, it would seem there really is not any one set criteria when spirits attempt to manifest.

However, many claim to have 'sensed' the spirits presence before 'seeing' it.

Spirit presence can materialise in wide and varied forms in attempts to interact with the living.

Let's take a look at some of those right here.


Many who claim they have encountered a haunting will often describe a sudden change in the whole ambience of a room.

The atmosphere switches up, one may feel enveloped in a heaviness, things feels different, many have described a vibrational pressure and very often the air will become ice cold.

Spirits operate on a completely separate vibrational spectrum than the living, so a sudden temperature fluctuation can be interesting and has been suggested as the point when an entity will pull on any, and every, available energy source, including heat.


Many believe they have been physically touched by a spirit. For many, ghosts are typically considered as dark or negative. Yes there are malevolent entities out there, but not all spirits are evil.

In fact some have been known to bring comfort, a gentle stoke on an arm, a whisper in the ears, a feeling of reassurance to those grieving.

Angels are spirits.


Many who believe they have encountered the paranormal often describe light sparkles, varying from round light orbs, which often resemble sunlight reflecting off water, to elongated rays of light emanating from mirrors, which is exactly why here at Boise City Ghost Hunters, we do not class orbs as evidence of a haunting.

Because many of those variables stem from what we would consider as being explainable by naturally derived external sources.


Items which once belonged to a deceased family member are often believed infused with spiritual energy, especially if that person passed on suddenly and unexpectedly.

A pen, a pair of spectacles, a book which belonged to that person may spontaneously move across a table. Could those items be somehow retaining elements of that persons energy? That is the question.

It has been speculated by many scholars that if a spirit does however choose to manifest by way of light, that that light will move diagonally, around you, and in peripheral vision.


Many individuals have described encountering shadow figures and dark mass entities.

Darkness is not always resultant from absence of light. It can also be a presence of a black mass density and will appear blacker than the darkness itself.

It is often said to pay close attention to how you feel upon witnessing this phenomena as not all mass entities are malevolent. Some are. Others are believed harmless and simply as watchers from the shadows.


This is what every paranormal enthusiast dreams of, we all want to see that full spectrum apparition, and many state they have.

Most often apparitions are described as being white colored with a smokey transparent visual texture. Others described seeing half formed apparitions which seem to resemble holograms almost tuning in, and out, of realms.

It is always fascinating to hear peoples paranormal experiences, however, we at Boise City Ghost Hunters can not ever claim something as being paranormal in the absence of scientifically sourced evidence and supporting analytical data.

We are here for our community.

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