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Here at Boise City Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigations we endeavour to continually connect with community and strive to help where needed.

One enquiry I receive a lot is "can loved ones who have passed on watch over us?".

Whilst we personally cannot answer that question with any stoic certainty, it is unquestionably a sincere topic deserving of observation and discussion. 

We know that many of us cling to our faith especially during trying times such as losing a loved one. Our ultimate hope being that those souls have gone on to a better place. But what about the millions of folks who claim they are being watched over, feeling a presence of a loved one who has already passed?

Could that be possible?

If God in heaven grants intercession to the saints in heaven so that they are able to assess the workings of the earth (Hebrews 12 v 1), then could it be that those who have passed away are also able to become spectators too? Can the spiritual realm look down and observe the physical realm?

There is of course continual debate on this subject matter. Whilst we can all agree that times of loss are tremendously difficult, opinion is divided. There are many who speculate that we somehow create sensory phenomena as an aid in bringing some comfort. Could it be that if we yearn for something so intensely that our own minds begin to manipulate the perception of our physical surroundings? Others strongly disagree and claim that they believe these visitations to be genuine.   

Here are some accounts of people who claim to have experienced this fascinating phenomena. 

Sisterly Love

A young lady lost her sister, who was a real fan of butterflies, especially the Monarch breed. After the burial, for the next five days each time the lady left her house, a beautiful giant Monarch butterfly would encircle her and then fly away. 

Unbreakable Maternal Bond

A mother who confesses she was once skeptical of such scenarios claims she believes her son is with her. Tragically she recently lost her beloved son Matthew and about a week later she was driving home and the SatNav system kept flashing 'Matthews Lane'. There was no such lane within this neighbourhood proximity.

Hospice Nurse

An end of life stage nurse claims she has witnessed hundreds of unexplained phenomena whereby recently deceased patients have manipulated the surroundings even after death. Items have visibly moved off beds, lights flashings on and off, and she has even experienced being gently touched on the arm which she interpreted as a final 'thank you' gesture.

How many times have we comforted mourning children by saying things like "look that's grandma watching over us" when gazing on a beautiful white cloud or a dancing ray of light? Noteably there are also many who say they have had what is known as 'visitation dreams' where a loved one will visit via a dream scenario.

Could this this phenomena be genuine supernatural activity or is it simply induced by wishful suggestive thinking? 

Have you ever experienced feeling as though a lost loved one may be watching over you? We would love you to contact us and share your experience.

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