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Hoping you all had a good Christmas! Great to usher in the new year by sharing some thoughts here! 

Upon questioning 'WHY' so many of us automatically reach for a 'supernatural' answer to any unexplained events we may experience always intrigues me! So I delved a little deeper in search of some answers. 

It became evident that the majority of us adults, hold onto some very real superstitions, and fear of the dark, all carried through from childhood.  The problem being that instead of being taught how to search for the natural sequence of events, we were raised on folklore and mystery. 

The 'element of the unexpected' in other words 'shock' can trigger immense fear which breeds panic and anxiety. 

Whether it be a rustling sound in the corner of a room (which I personally experience every now and then in my own home!) or a shadowy shape in a hallway, an icy air blast. Apparently many ghosts caught on camera have turned out to be nothing more than magnified insects on the night vision camera lens.

We all need a little help in deciphering the root cause of such events. More often than not, a solid and logical explanation can be found and we can all sleep a little easier. 

Boise City Ghost hunters are here for you! No matter how small your concern is, or maybe you have a friend or family member undergoing any unusual experiences who need help, guidance and reassurance? 

Give the team a call now! 

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*All properties require prior authorization and permission to investigate.  Boise City Ghost Hunters DOES NOT investigate cemeteries.*

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