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The Smokey Ghosts at Hannifins Cigar Store | Boise, Idaho | Paranormal | History | IdaHaunts

Hannifins Cigar Store situated downtown Boise, Idaho, simply oozes nostalgia and has been said to be one of Boises oldest and most treasured buildings showcasing it's stunning and original architecture.

Opening its doors way back in 1908 by owner Stan Minder, amongst dusty streets and horse drawn carts, the store saw many years of solid and reputable business supplying the local area with fine quality cigars.

Sadly now closed, yet not without leaving its memorable legacy. Now owned by the Jarred Sumner Trust of Lafayette, California, the property estimated worth now being $810,600 !

Back in 2000, very talented group painters visited downtown Boise called the International Letterheads and it was them who created the much loved Hannifins Cigars store sign still treasured today.

The store is also known for reports of paranormal activity.

A previous owner recalls one particular evening, he had closed the shop and was inside alone toting up till proceeds when he heard loud audible footsteps walking the floorboards in the same empty room! 

Many customers would hear shuffling, running sounds and they believe the store was actively haunted by a man who was hanged for committing murder in 1957 at the Old Idaho Penitentiary. His name was Raymond Snowden and he visited Hannifins regularly. Police actually searched the store for  Snowdens murder weapon at the time and discovered it hidden on the roof!

Could it be his footsteps that were heard as he frantically ran to conceal his weapon? 

We can only wonder if the next owners will encounter Mr Snowdens ghost too! A memory of bygone days? Or a spirit that's here to stay? Time will tell!

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM


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