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Haunted Belmont Barbershop | Downtown | Idaho | Historical | Paranormal | Haunting | IdaHaunts | BoiCGH

Earlier in the year we posted an article about Hannifins Cigar Store. This article links well to those events.

During the fifties, Idahos most notorious murder, the killing of Cora Dean, took place downtown Boise, Idaho. 

Cora Dean often frequented Garden City bars. Tragically one night she encountered Raymond Snowden, who would take her life that very same night!

Raymond stabbed Cora. Some say he dropped the knife in a nearby street gutter. Others are more inclined to believe he concealed the blade when he hastily ran across the street into Hannifins Cigar Store (now operating as Belmont Barbershop).

Many visitors to the Belmont Barbershop claim to hearing running footsteps towards the bathroom areas which some locals believe to be the ghost of Raymond Snowden as he ran to hide from Police who were searching for the deadly weapon.

Could this spirit be residually haunting the building today?

Have you ever visited Belmont Barbershop in Idaho?

Did you encounter anything paranormal?

Please share your comments.

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