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Unexplained Touch | Paranormal | Informational

When I was around 10 years old I worked up very early one cold winter morning but dared not open my eyes. Why didn't I open my eyes? Because of sheer terror which literally paralysed me momentarily.

I was terrified because I could feel a hand covering both my eyes, holding them closed. I pretended I was dead, I didn't move, not one inch, I tried not to breathe I was that terrified. I knew I wasn't dreaming because my twin sister on the top bunk bed was calling to me 'Angie are u awake yet?'

I was frozen for a full ten minutes until the 'hand' let go, I waited another five minutes before even daring to open my eyes. When I did, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.  Upon telling my twin sister about it she then confessed to seeing something scary some days previous, a ghostly horse and carriage appeared to her as if travelling straight through the room!

I never ever forgot the experience. 25 years later my father was walking down the stairs as he had done for the last 50 or so years, and he almost fainted, his face white, and visibly shaken, he claims he saw 3 bodies, handing by ropes around their neck, from a wooden beam which would have been exactly where our stairs are. 

My parents were bewildered but research revealed our house was originally a horse stable, built in the 50s. I was just wondering if anyone else has ever experienced 'unexplained touch' that felt very real.


Angie UK

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