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In the field of Paranormal there is mystery, history, and endless interpretation.  Ideas and personal spiritual beliefs can manifest many levels of phenomena and experience.  For example - Christians believe in the Holy Ghost.  The bible even references apparitions when Christ walked on water.  Mediums and psychics believe they have the extraordinary ability to see into the past and/or the future.  Buddhist, Pagans and others hold a belief in animism.  The belief that a supernatural power animates the material universe.  All of these beliefs and more contribute to a wide world of paranormal beliefs and phenomena...
In such a world it becomes very difficult as a Paranormal Researcher and Ghost Hunter to provide credible "stand alone" evidence.   It becomes even more difficult when we are tasked with providing evidence for personal feelings and beliefs.  A safe example of this would be orbs...  Orbs are thought by some to be balls of spiritual energy that present evidence of spirits manifesting in an area.  At Boise City Ghost Hunters we consider orbs to be dust.  There is no honest way to confirm an orb is a spiritual presence.  Another example of questionable evidence comes from matrixing.  Matrixing is a natural tendency of the mind to find familiar shapes in complex images and shapes.  In some cases folks will be adamant they see face in a tree stump.  And although it may be seen by many.  That doesn't provide stand alone evidence of paranormal phenomena.  
By far the two most difficult situations to prove - without a doubt - are experiences from mediums and the belief in animism.  Boise City Ghost Hunters Paranormal Research and Investigations relies on  multiple pieces of evidence when following the trail of a medium.  In order to even consider feelings(personal experience) as evidence there would need to be any combination of at least 2 other forms of evidence such as EMF spikes, Temperature fluctuation, EVPS, physical movement in the area.  The same can be said for animism.  There is NO way to prove under the rule of  stand alone evidence animism is or was occurring.  It is a belief.  It is relative to the beholder.  
At the end of the day we are all working to find answers for the unknown.  However, in our search we must remain diligent and honest with our findings.  Evidence is only useful when it can stand on it's own...  And Boise City Ghost Hunters will continue to follow that standard.  
/ˈanəˌmizəm/  noun - As defined by Oxford English Dictionary
The attribution of a soul to plants, inanimate objects, and natural phenomena.
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