Basics of a Haunt

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Basics of a Haunt

The Three Most Common Hauntings

Residual – Plays like a record.  Continues it’s path no matter what the changes are to an environment.  For example:  A residual haunt will pass through a wall not even knowing the door that was once there was removed.

Human – Referred to as an intelligent haunt.  A human haunting will most likely interact with it’s surroundings. It may be able to open doors and communicate, but on a limited capacity.

Inhuman – Inhuman haunts are said to be the most dangerous and terrifying of haunts.  Typically inhuman haunts are thought of as demonic.  It is said that an inhuman must be invited usually through Ouija board activity, and other experimental communication.

RESIDUAL (also referred to as IMPRINT hauntings)

Usually benevolent in nature (non aggressive). Negative energy is blasted into the atmosphere as a result of past trauma. The entities themselves unaware of what is taking place. A residual haunting will repeat itself over and over like a video loop, seeing the location exactly as it was at the time they dwelled there.

These spirits may manifest as full or partial apparitions, light anomalies, such as tunnels or cone shaped light, orbs and may also include poltergeist phenomena.

Very often a residual haunting will present strong and definitive fragrances such as the perfume of a lady or the cigar smoke of a gentleman who once lived there. Also known to imitate or recreate distant celebratory sounds of parties i.e. laughter, movement.

HUMAN (Also referred to as INTELLIGENT)

These are known as spiritual human hauntings and can communicate on some level. As we are living beings on a quantum level made from billions of atoms it would seem self explanatory that we also leave an ‘intelligent’ footprint behind when we leave our mortal body. Usually benevolent (harmless) yet may become malevolent and even push or scratch. These spirits can create sounds and smells and voices. However when asked to leave, if human it will leave, if not, you are experiencing a negative or malicious entity.

Poltergeist meaning ‘noisy spirit’. We must take into consideration many aspects that surround a poltergeist site for example, the house, the people, any traumas or emotional disturbance, mental health issues etc those people are going through at that time as is evidenced that poltergeist activity is stimulated by heightened emotion, trauma and unrest. It is very often the case that where poltergeist activity is found there is almost always a teenage girl or child within the household.

Although residual hauntings are usually non aggressive, poltergeist activity however may begin with harmless minor episodes for example bottle tops popping on bottles, yet situations can rapidly yet unintentionally escalate due to its undercurrent of pent up emotion and trauma not being dispersed correctly. Sometimes the end result being physical harm due to items of furniture and the like being violently thrown. It is recommend persons experiencing poltergeist activity try to decipher the root cause of any anxieties within that home and seek to peacefully rectify it.

INHUMAN (Also known as DEMONIC)


Demonic entities are the most sinister and serious of all hauntings! Most often conjured up from seance and ouija board activity. These spirits may even present themselves as innocent angelic beings whilst seeking to manipulate.

These spirits have one mission, to bring HARM. They seek to bring CHAOS. Usually the atmosphere becomes very heavy and oppressive, sometimes a foul sulfur like odor is detected. 

If a demonic entity attempts to attach itself or possess a human source, that person may display intensely out-of-character actions like mood swings, violence and even black outs. 

NEVER interact with such entities!

Demonic and hideous faces may be seen, deep growl like sounds may be witnessed and they wont hesitate to cut or burn or hurt you. These spirits hate God and detest mankind and will attach to a person for months even years. Always seek professional help!