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Religions and their Paranormal Viewpoints/Opinions

Here we will look at some thoughts and opinions on the paranormal and ghosts held by different religious groups.

MORMONS (The Church Of Latter Day Saints)

Mormons generally do believe in some aspect of the supernatural. They are aware that the paranormal exists yet try to distance themselves from such investigations or curiosities.

Mormons believe such spirits are mainly evil people who have died and now reside in the spirit realm where they seek to bring chaos and unrest wherever they see the opportunity.

Many Mormons will use priest or Melchizedek to cleanse a home if necessary.  Mormons also prohibit as much as possible communicating with such entities so as to avoid any open doors for infiltration.

Mormons discourage any attempt to contact the dead as they believe that the good spirits wish to be left alone and even watch us with empathy and emotion. So any response would only be from negative entities.

Mormons strongly prohibit any use of oujia boards or seances as they believe these to be tools of evil.


Spirits are a very real aspect of Christianity. Many are well aware of the continuous spiritual warfare taking place every day in the spiritual realms.

The Bible stated that Jesus “gave up the ghost” (John 19v30) which many believe was His divine spirit or ghost as referred to in paranormal terms. We all have a spirit.

Christians believe that God sometimes uses angels to convey messages or fulfill important tasks here on earth. Yet there are also dark spirits, not of Heaven , but demons which we are strongly advised to flee from (Matthew 8v28) “there met him two fierce devils”.

Matthew 10 explains how Jesus gave His disciples the gift of ‘casting out’ evil spirits and the ability to cure the sick from disease.

Christian’s believe in demons and angels, however there are scriptures which prohibit actually seeking to contact ‘spirits’ as this is an abomination to the Lord (Deuteronomy 18v11). But rather to seek Christ and His teachings first.


The Catholic Church believe there is no Canon Law or definitive absolute doctrinal teaching in respect of the paranormal. 

However Catholics do acknowledge the existence of good and evil spirits yet urgently advise against communicating with them as some are deceptive and spiritually dangerous (Catechism 2116,2117).

Although the Holy Trinity consists of the Holy Ghost, there are other unsavoury spirits which must be avoided at all costs.

SEVENTH DAY ADVENTISTS and JEHOVAHS WITNESSES strongly disbelieve in any form of ghosts or spirits as they believe that death is more a state of unconsciousness right now in the world and that such interests may distract from studying Jehovah himself.

THE LUTHERAN CHURCH and METHODIST CHURCHES alike both choose not to endeavour into investigating spirits but rather fix their attentions on their catechism and theologian teachings which they believe support many biblical warnings to take heed against such activities.

Some noteworthy points worth mentioning here are that regardless of whether people choose to look at the paranormal or not that sometimes spirits spontaneously appear or manifest themselves.

Throughout history people have recorded witnessing seeing or experiencing some paranormal or spiritual encounters. We must take heed however not to invite anything untoward into our realm.

Many people struggle with the term ‘ghost’ yet are fully accepting of the word ‘spirit’. 

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