Introduction into Paranormal

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Introduction Into Paranormal

What is Paranormal?  The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines paranormal as not scientifically explainable; supernatural.

We tend to define paranormal simply as not normal.

Paranormal activity can happen any time and anywhere.  Activity very rarely happens on command.  And almost always goes away as fast as it came.  There are many different types of experiences one could have that fall under paranormal phenomena.  You could experience a cold breeze whisk by.  When there is no wind or air movement to speak of.  Someone may find themselves hearing footsteps in the hall.  In other more extreme circumstances you may find things moving on their own.  Or noticing a strange smell.  You can read more about the different types of haunts here.

There are many ways we can experience paranormal on a daily basis.  Our job as paranormal investigators is to decipher what is true paranormal activity.  Versus potential natural causes and active imagination.